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People tell Willis he relies too much on strawman arguments.

Willis responds with a strawman argument about strawmen.

This is more retarded then when Bill Clinton tried to argue the meaning of the word “is”.

This is getting bad, he’s hitting Dobson level of taking criticism. He’s going to have a meltdown really soon, and it’s going to be hilarious. 

Whoops where did I go?

My bad guys, I had discovered EDF (Encyclopedia Dramatica Forums for those who don’t know) and have hung out there in the past few months or some length of time. 

and now ED’s entire domain is down until they raise the right amount so here I am back at Tumblr, where I will continue to bitch about Aaron Diaz, Andrew Dobson and now David Willis because he’s become so much worse recently.

Those times ShitRedditSays made fun of rape victims.


Pending Snow’s approval, welcome to another exciting edition of:


Episode 2: Rape victims, and how it is apparently okay to mock and insult them if they are women whose recovery experiences you don’t agree with, or men who would like their existence as rape victims to be acknowledged.

But first, as this is going to be a long-ass post, some background on ShitRedditSays, and why it’s important to read on:

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Very informative on that toxic group on Reddit. It’s disgusting how their mindsets are fixated on attacking anyone who doesn’t drink the kool-aid.

IT’S 2014

Happy 2014 guys, I apologize for the drama I caused a few weeks back on Reddit. Learned my lesson and whatnot and I’m ready to start this year pissing off people who are actual nutjobs. 

Going to do my best to post again, just need to find the proper argument to bring with me.





that comic reminds me of something


Funny that this came from Shmorky.


i never thought i would see someone so pathetic they whine about andrew dobson because he’s TOO progressive but, well

"Progressive", sure.

Shit, I’m willing to admit that Sarkeesian has done more in the name of “women’s rights” than Dobson, at least she’s far more noticed.

Dobson’s works include bitching and strawmanning to death, and he’s someone who’s so afraid of criticism that he paints his critics as evil disgusting trolls and himself as a poor victim.

Also, you used “too”, which means excessive, which is bad on his own. Maybe I can agree that he’s “too progressive” then!

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